Caring for children with Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome, also called Tourette Syndrome or TS, is a neurological disease. Patients with TS experience sudden and frequent tics – movements that are quick and twitch-like, and uncontrollable. More often than not, TS manifests itself in children between 7 and 12. While caring for a child with TS may be difficult, it is by no means impossible. Knowledge and research can go a long way.

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On that note, Dr. Curtis Cripe shares a few effective ways of caring for children with TS.

Calming techniques

Parents of children with TS would do good to learn the many calming techniques professionals do when calming their patients. Since children with TS are known to be irritable and short-tempered, having them do activities such as meditation and deep breathing can help them cope with their situation.

Biofeedback Training

Biofeedback training is a form of therapy whose goal is to manage the triggers of tics. It has been known to help people with TS control stress and the pain they feel from the tics.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, children with TS perform exercises that help them control their thoughts, emotions, and, ultimately, behavior. This goes a long way when dealing with tics and other TS symptoms, Dr. Curtis Cripe adds.

Dr. Curtis Cripe also mentions that parents need to consult with professionals regularly, as well as therapists, for the continued progress of their children.

Dr. Curtis Cripe is the head of research and development at the NTL Group, which specializes in the creation of neuroengineering programs that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous neurological disorders. Go to this page for more neurology-related reads.

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