What People Should Know About Brain Injuries

When the brain sustains damage that affects how a person moves, functions, feels or thinks, the person has brain injury, which can arise from a number of circumstances. It can occur during birth, or later on in life, either from a traumatic event or a sickness. It is estimated that over five million Americans suffer from the effects of brain injury, and around 17 million get into accidents, or have illnesses that lead to brain injury every year.

One person died in this three-car crash. (KATU News photo)

Image source: elyreed.com

Circumstances leading to brain injury determine whether or not the injury is traumatic or not. Traumatic brain injury can be caused by automobile or road accidents, falls, violent attacks by another person, or experiencing shockwaves from bomb blasts on the field of battle. Non-traumatic causes may include lack of oxygen to the brain, brain tumors, cancer, and infection of the brain. The leading cause of non-traumatic brain injury, however, is stroke.

strokeImage source: pivotphysicaltherapy.com

A brain injury can manifest itself in many ways. Symptoms may include headaches, loss of balance, problems with eyesight, seizures, speech difficulties, sleep problems, and deterioration of motor skills, among others. A brain injury may change a person’s personality, speech patterns, ability to focus or remember things, overall mood, attention span, and emotional, mental, and physical reactions to any stimuli.

It is highly recommended that people who suffer a traumatic experience have themselves checked by an expert to rule out brain injury, or detect it before the injury leads to something much worse.

Dr. Curtis Cripe is a neuroengineer with a background that includes engineering, software development, bioengineering, addiction recovery, psychophysiology, psychology, child neurodevelopment, and brain injury. Presently, Dr. Cripe heads the Research and Development department of NTL group, for advanced technology for brain and cognitive treatment and repair. Learn more about him and the work that he does by subscribing to this Twitter account.


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