All In The Mind: The Science Of Neuroengineering

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The brain, believed to be the most complex organ in the human body, can benefit from a combination of multiple disciplines. The collaboration of various sciences has led to a greater comprehension of the human brain through better measurements and more precise detail of brain processing and function.

Neuroengineering, which emerged at the turn of the 21st century, incorporates different fields of study for the collective purpose of advancing methodologies for documenting, imaging, and analyzing brain activities. Incorporated in this concept are neuroscience, engineering, biology, physics, mathematics, neurology, and psychology.

NTLgroup® is a company that designs and develops products and services that aim to diagnose and provide remediation programs for neuro-based dysfunctions. It uses an engineering approach that infuses neuroimaging, computer design, and approved psychological assessments.

Through its many neuroengineered programs, specific brain disorders are being analyzed and overcome. The report of findings can be easily understood by clients and their family members. But the diagnoses are still based on scientific protocols followed by its pool of therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, and other specialized healthcare providers.

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Brain development and rehabilitation have been made more efficient, with the future looking bright due to the potential advancement of the neuroengineering through further research.

Dr. Curtis Cripe is the director of the research and development division of NTLgroup®. His diverse background includes neuroengineering, aerospace engineering, software development and programming, psychology, addiction recovery, brain injury, and child neurodevelopment. Learn more about this field by visiting this website.


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